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Barcode Berlin is one the world´s leading men´s sports- & fetish wear label with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Barcode Berlin has a distinct style and is authentic & sex-infused home base in Berlin. The clothes are a distinct pairing of comfort and sex-appeal. Guys that wear Barcode-Berlin love to show their sporty and masculine side but especially for those people who love to be able to live their fetish. Barcode-Berlin loves fetish and having a large fetish fan base.

The Collection of Barcode-Berlin has a whole heck of a lot of different cuts, materials, special material processing and finishing touches. The result is a high quality and unique product that lets our customers stand out from the others.

Barcode-Berlin´s pictures leave room for customer´s imagination and interpretation - this helps bring every picture to life.

A promise of long-lasting durability kept by exclusively utilizing premium and pre-washed materials. Barcode-Berlin guarantee high quality standards by consistently monitoring the production, hence we exclusively produce in Europe.

Barcode-Berlin only produces styles that are in high-demand. Popular does not only have to do with styles but also with reasonably-priced fetish sports-wear to mainstream consumers.

Follow Barcode-Berlin on at online shop, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and find out more about the brand since their start in 2009. And check out the gallery of Barcode Berlin´s favorite photos. Barcode Berlin has and will remain true to itself and its customers.

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PIG Berlin Bag
PIG Berlin Bag
7.95€ *